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Qmobilityglobal.h No Such File or Directory

  • Hi Guys, I have a little question here

    I'm doing a Audio Recorder, and I'm using QtMultimediaKit, Qt 4.8.1 and Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS to do this, but when I compile or try Run, this error occurs:

    @qmobilityglobal.h: No such a file or directory@

    Aparently, this error occurs on qaudio.h, located in /usr/include/QtMultimediaKit/qaudio.h in line 46.
    I paste the file qmultimediaglobal.h in the folder, but the same error keep.

    I have this flags on .pro file:

    @CCFLAG += -I/usr/include/QtMultimediaKit
    CCFLAG += -I/usr/include/QtMobility
    CCFLAG += -lQtMultimediaKit@

    Thanks for any help.

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