Qt 5, bluescreen

  • Hi,

    I have a very strange problem since I upgraded Qt from 4.8.0 to 5.0.1 (qtCreator and mingw included, so everything is up to date)
    My computer is maybe quiet old but it's still Windows 7 and I never saw a problem like that when I searched for it. The problem occured when I tried to run an exemple of QPrinter class. I try to compile once, twice... and then I got a blue screen, each time a different one... I saw something like "SYSTEM_EXCEPTION", etc... Here is the example I used (well, I didn't succeed to compile it...).

    Anyway, If there is a way to come back to my old version of Qt4, it could be nice (but I can't find a way to get everything in a pack, like the way to get Qt 5.0.1, if you know what I mean)... I tried to download the one on the server but I can't find a Mingw with a good g++ in it, that Qt wants.

    I'm quiet lost because I got a project to do with Qt and it's quiet hard to do something with bluescreens... :s

    If you need more informations about anything, do not hesitate to ask me !


  • Ok, first, it should maybe be interesting to solve that error.
    I give it as an image, it will maybe be more clear http://puu.sh/1XRhk.

    I'm sorry, I can't understand what I'm doing wrong, and it's very strange that I get bluescreens when I execute the project I show you first, but it has probably nothing to do with it...

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