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What is Qt 5.0.1 ?

  • I'm download last build of Qt to Windows and create simple qt quick 2.0 application, and what i see:

    1. I try to create a transperent windows - on Windows it's not possible - wait for bug fix
    2. I try to add icon on window and what i see - icon not working, no errors no icon (on qt 4.8 all works) setIcon() not worked
    3. I try to add notify icon, but what i see - wait for fix bug...

    when we see work version?

  • Just complaining won't fix anything. If you think you found a problem and want that fixed, please create a short program (the shorter the better) that triggers the problem. Then others can check whether it really is a bug in Qt or just you doing something wrong. In the former case you can then open a ticket on the "Bug Tracker": to get it fixed.

    BTW: I also had cases where my code worked fine with older Qt but not with latest version. So I though it is a Qt bug/regression first. But when I tried to create a short test program, it turned out that my code was wrong. It actually only ever worked because of a "bug" in the older version...

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