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Qt5 Qt::FramelessWindowHint doesn't add an window entry in the taskbar

  • I am trying to create a custom design window in Qt5 with QML, but whenever I set the

    QtQuick2ApplicationViewer it doesn't create a window entry in the taskbar. I can't open it with the "Alt+Tab" menu too. Is that a bug, because according to the Qt5 documentation the FramelessWindowHint just removes the window border and title bar.

    Is there a way around?

    P.S. Windows 8, MinGW, Qt5, QtQuick 2. Also I am using QApplication instead of QGuiApplication because I am using some old-style QWidget based dialogs.

  • If you mean the icon on the taskbar that is used to minimize/maximize/close etc the running application, then no, i guess it's not a bug because I've used FramelessWindowHint and it works fine for me.

  • Try this

    | Qt::WindowSystemMenuHint
    | Qt::WindowMinimizeButtonHint
    | Qt::Window);@

    It works for me but when I try to hide window with QML button
    @onButtonClick: _view.showMinimized();@
    I see this (in debug, not release)
    ! Failed!)!

    But if I click on icon in the taskbar all works fine.

  • Not sure about QML, but in C++ setWindowFlags not to Qt::Tool, but to Qt::ToolTip did the trick

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