Senior Qt 4.x >= 2 years, (urgent)

  • Senior Qt 4.x >= 2 years
    Position: C++/Qt Software Developer

    Knowledge, experience & related skills:

    knowledge of QtCore, QtGui, QtNetwork, Qtscript, Qxt is required
    Database: Posgresql 8.4
    Development environment: Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) or Windows (Vista / 7)
    Agile software development (FDD) and continuous integration: Redmine, svn or git
    Expert you will be free to decide on development rules
    Team of 4 persons
    Subject first version: Software for healthcare professionals (French)
    Salary to be negotiated:> = 40K €
    Advantage: very good mutual health and
    Remote working possible.
    French small level is required
    working hour : French hours (GMT +2)
    very very urgent!

    Please send your CV to job[@]

  • Location?
    Weird that you specify a database, and knowledge of QtSql is not required? Or are you developing against the postgres libs directly?

  • Hi,
    Qtsql is required (sry for this omission)
    Location : teleworking can (infrastructure openvpn)

  • Is this possible to have telephonic interview if the person is not available at the location ?

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