[Solved]Custom TableModel and redraw View data

  • Hi everyone!
    I have some raw data, and CustomTableModel which build table from it. Data frequently updated from remote source. Model knows it, and should send some signal to a view for redraw all data. I expect from my model, QSqlTableModel like behavior. Emitting dataChanged() signal has no effect, calling beginInser() and endInsert methods too. Only setModel for a view works for now. I look at QSqlTableModel code but cant figure out how model send update signal to view. Can you tell me please what is right solution of this issue.

    Thank you!

  • Let me close my own question.
    When you add new rows to the model use:
    //Adding new rows
    when you remove rows:
    //Removing rows
    in your case when you reload all data you can use:
    //Removing rows
    Emitting dataChanged() useful if you change value of already existing item

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