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[SOLVED] Qt Quick 2.0 doesn't work for me

  • Hi People,

    I have Windows 7, QtCreator 2.6.1 and Qt framework 5.0.0

    I make a project, select the project type: “Qt Quick 2 Application (Built-in Elements)” and next next ... etc.

    If I open the main.qml file in text editor (duoble click on file name), I can edit and compile the file, but if I would like switch to design, I get an error message on the center of screen:
    “Unsupported QtQuick version(0:0)".

    If I edit the first line in main.qml: "import QtQuick 2.0" -> "import QtQuick 1.1" then it works. Not properly, but works...

    Can you help me to solve the problem? I don't install some packages, or I have to download some extra package?


  • Qt Quick 2.0 is not yet supported by the Qt Creator Designer plugin. Until the designer has been officially released for Qt Quick 2, there is not much you can do about this.

  • Hi Jens,

    thank you for the reply.


  • Hi Norbert,

    don't know if your problem still exist but there is something you can do.
    QtCreator is doing the rendering of the QML items by an external application named qmlpuppet.exe.
    To render QML2 the qml2puppet.exe is needed. qml2puppet is so far as I see it not completely finished, but in a state that I can use it.
    If you built your development enviroment from source (I use the sources directly from gitorious) you get also the sources for qml2puppet under your QtCreator/tools directory. You can compile qml2puppet and copy the exe into your QtCreator/bin directory. Then you can also see QML2 in the designer.


  • The Qt Creator 2.7 beta will come out soon.

    The beta will not contain a prebuild qml2puppet, but you can build one yourself based on Qt 5.0.1.

    Also the sources of qml2puppet are actually located in qt-creator/share/qt-creator/qml/qmlpuppet/qml2puppet and will be shipped together with the Qt Creator 2.7 beta.

    The qml2puppet in src/tool is just there to build qml2puppet together with Qt Creator.

    When using the .pro file in t-creator/share/qt-creator/qml/qmlpuppet/qml2puppet/
    qml2puppet will also instal itself in Qt 5. ;)

  • The Qt Creator 2.7 beta is out (including Qt Quick 2.0 support).

  • Hi People,

    thanks for replies. Can somebody tell me how can I make this thread to "SOLVED"?


  • You need to click on edit for your first post in this thread which has opened the thread. Then you can edit the headline.

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