Combo Box should be like Editable Combo Box but the Items should not be edited - how to change like this?

  • How can i change the look of my Combobox to be like a Editable Combo Box, but the Items in it should not be edited...??

    Any Help...

    ![IMG][/IMG](Combo Box)!

  • Did u tried using stylesheet???

    @ComboBox->setStyleSheet("QComboBox { background-color: white; }");@

  • What's the reason you want to confuse your users in thinking that they can edit the value when they can't?

  • You could do something like in PySide , so you have to translate it into Qt -C++

    I had the same situation and i overcome with the following code.
    alphabets=["A","B","C","D","E","F","G"] #list of items to show
    alphbets_cmbbx.addItems(alphabets) # add items list here
    #add your custom Validator using QRegExpValidator to it for accepting only letters
    #add your signals

    With this one can enter different letters which will not be saved and they can also pick one from the list.

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