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QT5: Q_WS_WIN macros

  • My app uses qtwebkit and embedded in webpage widget through my derived QWebPluginFactory.
    My web page uses some layers one of which is my widget.
    The problem: Widget is visible, but his parent layer isn't visible(css property visibility:hidden)
    On viewing the source code I found that in the implementation of the function QWidgetPrivate::hide_helper(qtbase\src\widgets\kernel\qwidget.cpp) is macros Q_WS_WIN.
    There are many places where it is used Q_WS_WIN, but its definition is nowhere.
    I tried to add a definition of the macro(ifdef Q_OS_WIN) in the file qsystemdetection.h and rebuild qt, but got a lot of compilation errors.

    My toolset: Qt 5.0.0, mvs c++ compiler(visual studio 2008sp1+sdk), windows 7

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    Please report this bug on JIRA.

    Q_WS* macros were dropped in favour of Q_OS*.

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