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VS2010 64 bit 1.2.0 add-in console app works in release, hangs in debug

  • I created a very simple qtcreator 2.6.1 console app based on a 64 bit source build of 5.0.0 that doesn't do anything but pop up an empty console window in release. When I load the qtcreator .pro file into vs2010 using the qt5 add in, and run with "Start without debugging", the console window pops up. When I run with debugging, it hangs in module qeventdispatcher_win.cpp line 765 as it is trying to call:

    waitRet = MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx(nCount, pHandles, INFINITE, ...

    nCount == 0
    pHandles has 63 entries

    The console window never appears, and breaking in the debugger always brings me to this location.

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