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Serialport: Check parity problem

  • Hello,

    I installed qtSerialport (Qt 4.8) in a pc with Ubuntu 12.04 a few days ago.
    I can send and receive commands through a serialport, but I cannot check the parity of the received data.

    Here is my code. Should I check some flag o something else?

    bool configurarPuerto(QString *msg){

    *msg="Configuracion del puerto serie: ";
    if (!this->serialPort->open(QIODevice::ReadWrite)) {
        *msg+="Error abriendo el dispositivo";
        return false;
        I choose the configuration policy
        - SkipPolicy: Ignora los comandos invalidos
        - PassZeroPolicy: Lee 0
        - IgnorePolicy: Ignora el bit de paridad
        - StopReceivingPolicy: Deja de recibir datos
    if (!this->serialPort->setDataErrorPolicy(SerialPort::StopReceivingPolicy)){
       qDebug()<<"Configuration error";
    if (!this->serialPort->setParity(SerialPort::EvenParity)) {
        *msg+="Error seteando paridad par";
        return false;
    return true;



  • Qt Champions 2020


    The fact that the on *.nix you can identify the parity error only in the process of reading.

    Therefore, to solve this problem, try while receiving readyRead() call QtSerialPort::error(). This method should return the last error, if it occurred. In your case it will QtSerialPort::ParityError.

    I would also note that the idea of ​​the politicy processing, parity errors catch and etc. has not been fully thought out and implemented.

    So try until this workaround, maybe it is help for you.

  • Thanks for helping me,
    I just test the error function, but doesnt work (always returns 0 [no error])

  • Qt Champions 2020

    We made some commits to library.

    Now, please try connect to signal errorChanged(QtSerialPort::PortError).

    In principle, this should help in the event that if we have implemented correctly for catching parity error. But can not work, because no one has tested implementation. :)

    Please update library and check now.

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