Qt Creator 2.6.1 for Mac (Intel 32/64bit) looks to be a X64-only binary

  • I realise probably no one else has noticed this, but while I was repurposing a CoreDuo-based MacBook (with 10.6.8 natch) I found that couldn't run the pre-built Qt Creator bundle. I get the "architecture not supported" message and a struck-through app icon.

    Without wanting to sound snotty, the desc: "Qt Creator 2.6.1 for Mac (Intel 32/64bit) (51 MB)" is not accurate.

    An oversight? Probably. Are build verification tests difficult to automate? Not really. OK, that was a bit snotty. Sorry about that.

    I'm going to try building Qt Creator from source, unless anyone has a magical way of transforming this MacBook's CPU into a Core2Duo.


  • Could you please "file a bug report":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/ so that the responsible developers actually see this?

  • Just did that, thanks.

  • Small update, when building Qt Creator from source, it was immediately obvious that all the Qt tools (moc, uic etc) have also been built X64-only. So essentially the Qt SDK doesn't work with 10.6.x/CoreDuo Macs any more.

    Linux/CoreDuo Macs are still fine though.

  • bump

    I looks like the Qt 4.8 has unofficially deprecated OSX 10.6.8 x86.

    Does this bother anyone else?

  • I've just been told to do my own 32-bit compile of everything, even though I've already pointed out that that wasn't possible.

    Is it me? :-/

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