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QT Project from Old Dev - Won't Build

  • Hi,

    I've been pulling my hair out for a week and have progressed slowly. Now I'm looking for any help (even paid). I have a client that had some devs write a small piece of software for them using QT. I don't know the version, but it must have been older than 5.0 since I've had to change many references to QGui\ QWidgets\ etc.

    I just want to build it! I've tried VS 2010 + everything and I run into Wininet errors. I tried the 2012 plugin, I've tried recompiling the 2012 bins for x86 and x64 using that BlueGo app (which was very nice). MSVC 2010, 2012, MinGW, etc, etc...

    I've never had these problems with Visual studio projects although I think it has a large part to do with these awful devs.

    I've gone back to a clean install of 5.0 with a clean version of the source and I get Error: dependent qobjectdefs.h does not exist (looking in the thirdparty directory created by BlueGo)

    Where do I start? Can I just hand this to someone to compile it and let me know what I need? I'm banging my head on a wall =(

    It's super small!

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