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How to call paintEvent

  • I need to display an IplImage (OpenCV structure) I can't use QPixmap because I am updating from another thread which gives me an error that it's unsafe.Now I am using paintEvent

    I am using Signals and Slots , Here is the Slot where I receive the image:

    @void MainWindow::Show(IplImage *frame)
    img = QImage(QSize(frame->width,frame->height),QImage::Format_RGB888);
    // I need to show img now on ui->frame
    // if I use this->update it show a strange image !!


    Here is the paint event:

    @void MainWindow::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *)
    QPainter painter(this);



    but I don't know how to call the paint event.

  • Simply call QWidget::update() from MainWindow Show method and you'll be done !

  • sorry I updated the post , when using this->update It shows me a strange picture not the one caming from the cam, actually it's the same but with strange colors

  • Ok, then try to play with the QImage::format. Are you sure your IplImage is internally stored as 38 bits RGB ? Coulnd't it be a 38 bits BGR image ?

  • Also check the type of RGB values (unsigned, signed, float)

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