Install problems on Mac, no qmake at $PATH

  • Hi,

    I recently installed the latest? Qt SDK on to my MacBook (running 10.6.5)
    It was installed into <username>/QtSDK

    To remove the previous version I ran the script, from /Developer/Tools
    I assume this was the right thing to do..?

    Inside QtCreator -> Preferences -> Qt4 it lists the qmake location as ‘not found’ for Auto-detect (Qt in PATH)

    Should qmake be in usr/bin? (there's a 'qmake-4.7' but no 'qmake').
    Or was the installer meant to update $PATH with an additional location to find qmake?

    I assume I need to update $PATH, if so, how? and where to?

    Thanks for any help

    ps. I’m also having issues with QML finding the stuff, not sure if it’s related?

  • In Qt Creator you can manually add your newly installed Qt SDK, just go to preferences / Qt4 and click on the "+"-Button.

    Regarding the path, I don't know if that's right. I never installed the SDK.

  • In Windows and Ubuntu qmake in under /pathqt/qt/bin/qmake

  • @Volker Something very weird happens with the Qt Creator that you CAN'T select the qmake in the hidden "/usr/bin/" path with the instructions you said.

    In my case I have these two files in /usr/bin
    qmake // <--- This one is an alias of qmake-4.7

    This seems very stupid cause I'm guessing Qt Creator does not want you to pick an alias, an the other executable is not exactly named qmake, so you can't select it either. I had to duplicate the "qmake-4.7" and rename it "qmake" so I could pick the system's qmake.

  • You should file a bugreport on "Jira": in this case. Please post back the issue id here, so that others can follow it.

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