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Qt 5 application running priblem...

  • Hi everybody..
    i downloaded and installed qt 5.
    then i opened qt creator 2.6.1
    and create a new simple gui application.
    then i try to run it, it says:
    "C:\Qt\Qt5.0.0\5.0.0\msvc2010\include\QtCore\qglobal.h:46: error: C1083: Cannot open include file: 'stddef.h': No such file or directory"
    so what is the problem and how to solve it.

  • Check your Settings in QT-Creator.

    Have you installed Visual Studio ( Express ) or the SDK?
    The missing header-file comes with it.

  • why Visual Studio,
    i dont understand,
    i created new application and
    did not make any changes on it,
    i try to run the sample, but it doesnt run,
    so what is the problem....

    with qt 4.x i dont get this error,
    but on qt 5 i cant run my application.....

  • The header File of qglobal.h includes stddef.h this include file is part as well of the SDK and the Visual Studio and not part of QT.

    By using QTCreator it try to find your compiler ( allso part as well of VS and SDK )

    By using a differnt Version of QT the Creator try to find your QT and the matching compiler.

    check Menu: Tools -> Options...

    Build & Run -> Kits

    click on your used kit
    then you see wich compiler is used.

    In my installation I use the Windows SDK 7.1 ( available from MS Homepage ) there is a Include Path in the Directory where the stddef.h is placed.

    maybe you have an error there ( check allso the selected Compiler in Kits compared to the available Compiler in the tab by the kits )

    you can allso try to add

    INCLUDE += c:\path_to_sdk\Include

    but i think the better way is to fix your configuration.

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