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Qt Cryptographic Architecture OpenSSL (QCA-OSSL): problem on other Windows systems than mine

  • Hello,

    I'm currently developing an application which uses QCA and QCA-OSSL. It always works on Linux, several friends tried it. It also works well on my Windows system. But when I'm giving the binaries and the corresponding dll's to other people, QCA-OSSL doesn't work and @QCA::isSupported("pkey")@

    gives 'false', which is a problem because I use RSA which relies on pkey.

    Any ideas how to solve this ?
    Thank you in advance,

  • Use Dependency Walker on all exe's and dll's and check if all dependencies are ok.

  • There is no QCA-OSSL2.DLL dependency in my exe while I think there should be as I added
    @LIBS += -lqca-ossl2@

    in my pro file. Do you know how to force its addition ?

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