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[Solved] setContextProperty and Inheritance

  • Hi,

    I have an UiHandlerClass which has a lot of Function which are the same except from the name string in setContextProperty.

    As the class got to big anyway i decided to split the class in 2 classes which share a lot of code. So i thought of an abstractClass which
    has a function say: setStation() and in the both subclasses i can call this function. But the need to set differnet Properties. Thus i wanted to know if there is a way that in subclasses i can just define the name for the property withou changing the parent code.

    I hope of something like this

    //file parent
    #define NAME "parent"

    class Parent{
    //some code
    SomeType someObj;

    //in Child file
    #define NAME "childName"
    class Child : public Parent{


    such that qml can see properties with childName
    but with defines it doesn't work..

    I there some clean way to do this?

  • You should create variable in Parent class and initialize its value in constructors with different values in Parent and Child. Overall learn about C++ inheritance.

  • Ah nice, I had the idea of doing it with variables but I somehow thought these Strings need to be fixed at compile-time, thus i didn't even try it.

    This is actually very cool thank you.

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