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Put a line break in the app name

  • The name of the app that is displayed in BB10 under the ico is set from bar-descriptor.xml file from line

    @<name>My app</name>@

    I tried

    doenst work

  • You could try \n in addition but overall I wouldn't expect that to be legal.

  • Maybe a silly question; but why would you want a linebreak in an app-name. I expect that to cause problems in various places.
    Maybe there is a better way to solve the problem you have?

  • It's just in the text under the icon on the bb10 screen. There are other apps who's name is in 2 lines like "Blackberry World" else last letters are cut.

  • Add two spaces between the words you want on separate lines.

    <name>Part1 Part2</name>

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