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How to modify an existing source code (VS 2010 C++) and compile it in Qt creator

  • Hi All,

    I am newbie here and I really need your help folks.

    I have downloaded a source code from an open source project. It tells that before compiling I should have VS 2010 and should open the .pro file given. I want to modify the code and make some changes on the forms before compiling but I don't know where to start. Where should I edit the code?the form? In VS 2010 or in Qt creator?

    If I open the .pro file, does the Qt creator automatically opens other things such as .ui files? Any ideas?

    PS: C++ is the language used.

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    Yes, Qt Creator will open .ui files with a nice WYSIWYG designer.

    I don't know about MSVS2010, you would probably need a Qt Add-in for that.

  • I want to do necessary modifications and build it again. How?

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    Consult the project. If it's a valid Qt qmake project, it should build without problems in Qt Creator, or command line using qmake, nmake. But it can be anything.

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