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Localization cycle issue

  • I've developed an application using Qt 4.7, and as a worldwide target application, I'm using the provided tools to localize & internationalize the application.

    The cycle is:

    1.- code
    2.- lupdate
    3.- translate
    4.- lrelease

    This is working real nice, as everything coming from Qt (most elegant and smart engineered framework ever).

    Just a (big) mistake I made: all the texts, dialogs & images in the code are written in spanish, so I usually translate myself with QLinguistic into English.

    The problem is that the application is being translated into Chinese (and many other languages soon), and the source language should have been english not spanish for the chinese translator to understand what is translating (the chinese translator doesn't knows spanish, just english).

    So for now, I've supplied the chinese translator my "application_en.ts" file, so he can overwrite the "english" translation with the chinese one, but the next time that I lupdate my files and translate, the chinese translator will have AGAIN :( all texts for translation.

    So, is there any way to automatically/smartly mix and convert my translated english .ts file with the last chinese translation, so the chinese translator ONLY has to translate the newly added texts?

    Excuse me for all this long text, and thanks in advance!

  • Of course I can always change ALL texts etc into english so my source is now english, but what happens if "tomorrow" I want to translate to portuguese and my portuguese translator only knows spanish and portuguese...?

    Can I simply mix all my ts files into one with all the translations? Will it work with QLinguistic?

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