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Project Dependencies in Creator 2.6.x

  • Hi,

    i am facing issues with the project dependencies from Qt-Creator 2.6.0 onwards.

    If i set that the project B depends on project A, than still at the time of building project B the project A will not be built.

    Did someone face that issue too or someone can give me a hint why this happens?

    For reference - with Creator 2.4.0 it works without issues.


  • It seems like that a Build-All "Ctrl-Shift-B" does care about the project dependencies, but the standard build "Ctrl-B" does not care.

  • Finally I am able to pinpoint the issue. In my opinion it is a bug within Qt-Creator and therefore I have created a bug report.

    See "QTCREATORBUG-8563": for further informations.

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