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Path to qt_webkit.pri

  • I am having a path issue when building qt/webkit/myapp for the ARM platform.

    When building WebKit for my host machine (not cross compiling), two qt_webkit.pri files are generated.

    • One lives in <qtdir>/qtbase/mkspecs/modules.
    • The other lives in <webkitbuild>/Release/Tools/qmake/mkspecs/modules-inst.

    When I build for ARM, both of these files wind up in <webkitbuild>/Release/Tools/qmake/mkspecs/modules-inst.
    Because of this, when I try to build my application, I get the following error:

    • Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webkit

    I am pretty sure this is because qt_webkit.pri does not exist in <qtdir>/qtbase/mkspecs/modules.

    So, my question is this: What determines where build-webkit puts this file? (Or how can I tell my application project file where to find it)

    An unrelated question is why these files have the same name but have completely different formats??

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