How to change globally the debug/release name and absolute-relative specification for building folders

  • Now I have :

    1.- A long name for autodetected kit: "Qt 5.0.0 Desktop for MSVC 2010" (or something like this)
    2.- The debug/relese folders are placed at the same level of every project.....

    So, my work folder are going to have a lot of long build folders....

    I'd want:
    1.- A way to define a short name...
    2.- A way to specify relative to every project

    I want a global way to do this ? Is it possible ?
    I have the last qtcreator .

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    You can change the name of the kit in Tools->Options->Build & Run->Kits.

    You can also change the path by hand, or turn off shadow building and specify your own in .pro file (variables DESTDIR, MOC_DIR, OBJECT_DIR, RCC_DIR).

    I don't know any global way to control this, but it's likely there is one somewhere.

  • You can't change the name of autodetected kit.
    Ok, you can create a new default, but in this case when you create a new project you have to uncheck the first toolkit.....
    Ok, this is not a hard job but....
    And I dont know to do this (pro variables) for every project.
    Sometimes I think QT developers are engaged to make the easy difficult.....
    Thanks sierdzio

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    [quote author="tonnot" date="1358245282"]Sometimes I think QT developers are engaged to make the easy difficult.....[/quote]

    From that I can assume you have not seen Xcode yet ;) Apple is at master level in that regard.

    Coming back to the issue, I don't care that much, I personalise every project in qmake anyway, so those changes mostly don't affect me. Believe me, though, you can propose changes on qt-creator mailing list and your voice will be heard. Recently, for example, there was a talk concerning recent shadow building changes and user-proposed change is going to be adopted for next QtC version.

    I think the biggest showstopper here was the inflexibility of qmake when shadow building. That is why it behaves the way it does.

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    You can always change the build directory in the projects settings (Projects>Kit>Build)... but I am not aware of a way to change the default directory name (which is based on the kit name).

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