[SOLVED] Builderror C1083 nevertheless using correct INCLUDEPATH in the pro file and #include directive

  • Hello,

    I have some problems with including header files from a different directory.

    For example, i have tried to include the shared_ptr.hpp Headerfile from the Boost-Library:

    I have added the additional include path in my *.pro file:
    INCLUDEPATH += /src/Boost/boost_152_0

    In my *.cpp File, I have added this line:
    #include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>

    The parsing-step under the QT-Creator (v 2.6.1) works fine. For example, if i go with my mouse-pointer over the line #include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp> than the correct path "C:\src\Boost\boost_152_0\boost\shared_ptr.hpp" is visualized in a small popup-window. Even the jump function works fine and the include file shared_ptr.hpp will be opened correctly in the qt-creator.
    But just the build (QT 5.0.0 and Visual C++ 2010 x86 Compiler) don't works. I get the error C1083 ("can not open include file").
    Has anyone please an idea to solve this problem?


  • welcome to devnet

    The only thing I see is that the drive letter is missing. Change to:
    INCLUDEPATH += c:/src/Boost/boost_152_0

    Try it even when it sounds odd. In general c should be the default drive.

  • Hey koahning, thanks for you reply.

    I have also already tested your suggestion with the full path (including the drive letter c:)

    INCLUDEPATH += c:/src/Boost/boost_152_0

    but unfortunately it also don't works. :-(

  • Did you rerun qmake?
    You can check also the generated makefiles to make sure that changes are in there.
    Are you using nmake or jom for build?

  • I have simply used the (re-)build button from the qt-creator :-). For build jom will be used. In my makefiles the includedirectory c:/src/Boost/boost_152_0 is still missing.

  • You should rerun qmake I guess.

    Go to in the projects menu on to the project and press the right mouse button. Below "Build" you find "run qmake".

  • YES, that works fine. I am so happy :-). Thank you a lot.


  • Thank you, Koahnig. I spent over 5 hours trying to get this to work before stumbling on to your suggestion re qmake.

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