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Qt Mobility renamed and made available for desktop.

  • Considering that nowadays laptops are being shipped with touchscreens and are essentially giant mobile devices (the gap between mobile and desktop is disappearing, with only things like screen size making a difference, I.e. Windows 8) it would seem practical to rename Qt Mobility to something like Qt Crossover and be made available to desktop targets in Qt Creator.

    My touchscreen desktop should be treated just like a mobile device and many tablets have screen sizes identical to modern laptops.

    For example, I should be able to use the location API of the currently named Qt Mobility on my desktop to get my location based on network details (my desktop doesn't have GPS, and network location should be a general fallback when GPS is not available) and I should be able to use such things at the Map elements in a QML desktop application.

    Currently, Using Qt Mobility on a desktop target fails to build, with errors.

    "Qt Mobility" may no longer be representative of the functionality that the library can be used for. Something like "Qt Crossover" would be better; or something that suggests it's usage across many types of devices, whether it be mobile or desktop.


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    In Qt 5, Qt Mobility has already been dismantled, and its components have been distributed among relevant modules, making them available on all Qt-supported platforms :)

    The location API you mentioned has been placed in the Qt Location module which can also be used by desktop apps. (Unfortunately, Qt Location and some other modules are not yet available due to quality and maintenance issues, but they will be released in the near future -- Hopefully Qt 5.1)

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