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Why my Qt5 win32 app doesn't run on a clean Windows install ?

  • Hi,

    I recently ported my Qt 4.8 win32 app to Qt 5 win32, copied all necessary dll (checked with Dependency Walker) and tried to run it on another computer without Qt 5 installed... And it doesn't run. No error message.
    I tried the same with a simple example from the SDK (examples\widgets\mainwindows\mainwindow) and it's exactly the same, it doesn't run on a clean computer without Qt 5 SDK.
    Here's a package so you can test yourself:
    Try to run it on a computer without Qt 5 SDK.

    Did I miss something ?

  • Have you deployed the qwindows.dll platform plugin as well?

  • I didn't, but I just tried (copied qwindows.dll inside my app folder) and it doesn't work...

  • Oh, now I copied the full platform plugin folder (qwindows.dll and qminimal.dll) and it worked ! Thanks...

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