Stereoscopic UI? Anyone tried it?

  • I was wondering, since QtQuick is OpenGL based, if there is a quick and easy way to add some volume to a UI and take advantage of stereoscopic displays out there to enhance user experience?

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    A nice thought. I don't know the answer, but Qt3D module might be a good starting point.

  • I don't think actual 3d geometry is mandatory to add depth to UI. Even flat elements can be arranged in 3D space, and it doesn't even need to be actual 3d space - elements can simply output their depth values directly to the z-buffer, which should be enough to create the illusion of depth. You know - have buttons a little higher than their parent dialog and move up and down when pressed and released, have pop-ups actually pop in front of not merely on top of... Not really 3d but what people in the industry refer to as 2.5d :) It will only take a single extra property.

    Naturally, actual 3d geometry will make the effect even more convincing.

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