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Qt QTcpSocket/QTcpServer uses Winsock 2.2? or Winsock 1.1?

  • Hello guys, I have been lately active on the forums making few questions and I need now reckoning on this subject...

    So, I developed with help of tutorials, a Multi-Threaded TCP Server (QThread & QTcpServer Duh) and as I'm capturing packets of a process, I have opene WPE Pro as well for debugging purposes and to see if the packets I receive are the ones that indeed the process is sending over the network.

    Now when I log the packets from WPE Pro the packets from the process which I'm hooked up to, are packets with send() and recv() only AKA Winsock 1.1, and when I send packets with my Qt Server it logs the packets but as WSASend() and WSARecv() functions AKA Winsock 2.2, I'm trying to send packets from my Qt Server to the mentioned process but I don't know if I'm sending them correctly because of the WSA stuff, So I came here asking if it doesn't matters what winsock version is the process using and what winsock version I'm using to send/receive packets?

    Thanks in any help anyone could bring to myself.

  • No, it doesn't matter how you send your data.

  • Oh nice, Yeah I just did few other debugging anlyzes and It doesnt really matters, Thanks for the reply!!!

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