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How can I chain scrolling events from Listview to Flickable ?

  • I use Flickable which its content item is ListView.
    How can I chain the scrolling events from the ListView to the Flickable ?

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    Are you sure you need that kind of setup? ListView inherits from a Flickable, you don't need to declare another one. I don't know of any easy chaining mechanism here, you would probably need to push mouse events further up the chain (using mouse.accepted = false).

  • I want to implement a gridview which can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Just set:
    flickableDirection = Flickable.HorizontalAndVerticalFlick

    in your ListView or GridView. Alternatively, you can create your own element based on Column and Flickable. It all depends on your preference and features you need to have.

  • The scrolling behavior with flickableDirection = Flickable.HorizontalAndVerticalFlick is terrible

  • Is this issue solved? I want to scroll listview as horizontal direction. And also I want to flick each list item to vertical direction.

    I include vertical flickable in listview's delegate.

    It works well as PC.. But when I upload it to device( mobile ) , listview isn't scroll well because flickable takes mouse event ...

    Is there any solution ??

    Because of this reason, I tried to make listview 's flickableDirection Flickable.HorizontalAndVerticalFlick. But it's not working too..

  • I Didn't find a solution yet

  • In my case, I solved the bug.
    The reason was I added a mouse area in Image which located in flickable.
    In case of this, just set value of mouse area's z as 999. It works now.

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