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How to compile Qt app with specify version dependency (Linux)

  • Hello there,

    I'm not sure how to describe it correctly, but I have a following problem.

    I need to compile my Qt application with exactly dependency to specific Qt version. Currently when I compile my app on linux and try

    @ldd Application@

    I'm getting following result

    @... => /usr/local/Trolltech/...

    What I would like to achieve is this: => /usr/local/Trolltech/...@

    The reason for this requirement is a deployment of my app. I would like to distribute my App together with default Qt libraries in one directory. I already updated rpath to APP/libs directory and everything works fine, until I tried to distribute my app to system with newer version of Qt.

    In such cases I'm getting a following error:

    @Cannot mix incompatible Qt library .....@

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Compile statically. Be very careful about licensing, though. You need to make your app licensed under either GPLv3, or commercial.

    Alternatively, take a look at how Qt Creator works - it bundles it's own version of Qt libraries on every platform, independent from OS Qt.

  • Thank you for reply. Unfortunately I can't use static link because of license restriction. I'm using free version of Qt and I don't want to distribute it under GPL.

    I will take a look at Qt creator distribution, but some simpler example would be a better ;-)


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    No need to examine the whole source code, just take a look at and shell scripts used to run it.

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