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With QQuickView,how can i draw a rounded rectangle Window

  • for QWidget ,I can use
    @ setFlags( Qt::FramelessWindowHint )

    QBitmap objBitmap(size());
    QPainter painter(&objBitmap);

    make a Frameless and RoundedRect Window, but QQuickView has no setMask() method,so how can I ahieve the same effect:Frameless and RoundedRect Window?

    Any pointers whatsoever would be highly appreciated.

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    I think "this thread": might help you a bit.

  • [quote author="sierdzio" date="1357565419"]I think "this thread": might help you a bit.[/quote]

    There is a problem with that solution in Windows(msvc2010 Qt5), when setting:


    Which results in the output:

    Cant find EGLConfig, returning null config
    QQuickWindow: makeCurrent() failed...

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    Might be a problem of Angle. Can you consider compiling Qt 5 yourself without ANGLE (configure flag -desktop opengl)? Bare in mind that it's a shot in the dark from my side, no guarantee it would work. You might try installing OpenGL drivers before that, too.

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