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Closed Adding files to .pro dependent upon Qt Version

  • I have a code base that includes several project files based on Mac / Linux / Windows target, one of these is to generate an OpenGL 3.2 context under Mac.

    Now we have Qt 5 I don't need this file and want to exclude it when building for Qt5 however I would like to still keep the project so I can build for Qt 4.x How would I approach this in qmake?

    I have tried this


    But it doesn't seem to work when using Qt5 and it still includes the file, does anyone have any ideas how I can exclude a file based on Qt Version?

  • @
    isEqual(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4) {

  • Brilliant, worked a treat, this should be put in the qmake user guide as I didn't see it in there.



  • You're welcome.

    The qmake documentation definitely needs some love, yes.

  • I agree I know quite a few qmake hacks but the isEqual one is new to me. I will will add it to my lecture notes!

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