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[SOLVED]New project with kit that has no Qt version assigned

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    I'd like to create new non Qt project in Qt Creator.
    I have created a kit that has a compiler (MinGW) and the debugger set, but no Qt lib assigned.
    I start the new non Qt project wizard, it lets me to select a directory, project name etc. and then shows the list of available kits, but the list only contains kits that have Qt lib assigned to them and not my Qtless MinGW kit.

    I could assign some "dummy" Qt lib to this kit but won't it affect the configuration somehow like force some lib dependencies on my app?

    Does anyone know a way to do this?

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    If you want to use qmake as your build system, then you need a Qt version set up in your kit, even if you do not plan on using Qt. This is unfortunate, but I do not see a way around it: Qmake is a buildsystem that is part of each Qt installation. Most wizards in Qt Creator create qmake-based projects.

    PS: Autotools, cmake and generic projects do work fine without a Qt version in the kits.

    PPS: By default qmake projects will link to Qt Core and Qt Gui, so you need to tell qmake not to do that (put "CONFIG -= QT" IIRC into your .pro-file).

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    Ah, yes, its so obvious. I forgot that it actually uses qmake :)
    It would be nice though if there was a "standalone" qmake without the whole Qt lib.
    I'll experiment with creating such minimal qmake package that can be set as a Qt version in Creator.
    Lets see if it works.


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    Creator assumes qmake is a way to discover details on a Qt installation. As soon as if sees a qmake path it will run qmake -query to find all kind of paths and then it will look at the QtCore library to find out the target ABIs this Qt version supports. So you will need to keep the QtCore in the location "qmake -query" claims the Qt libraries are located in.

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