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QtWebKit config with QtMobility MultimediaKit option on Qt/Embedded Linux

  • On Qt/Embedded Linux project for ARM platform, we've been doing video streaming tests where we found that QtWebKit uses a different GStreamer video sink pipeline than QtMultimedia or Phonon.

    There are multiple MediaPlayer objects available in QtWebKit, and it looks like its own GStreamer support is picked on Linux platform over QtMobility Multimedia option. In generated Makefiles, USE_GSTREAMER is defined instead of USE_QTMULTIMEDIA.

    I tried modifying the project file to force CONFIG += mobility and MOBILITY += multimedia, but Makefiles still define USE_GSTREAMER.

    Has anyone had any luck configuring QtWebKit with QtMobility option for Qt/E Linux?

  • Which Qt version are you using? I don't have experience with similar issues but you can check several wiki articles and threads that might be useful:

    Please note that all links posted above are related to Qt 4.8.

  • Yes, we are using Qt 4.8.4 Embedded Linux and already familiar with these suggested links.

    (I'm offline now so don't have the configure options handy. Link #3 was one reference for trying webkit options.)

    This question is specific to selecting QtMobility 1.2 Multimedia option with WebKit in Qt 4.8.4. So far I've had to hack the WebKit Makefiles with USE_QTMULTIMEDIA, but would like to know the appropriate recipe to generate them.

  • Forced the following options into WebKit.pri project include file to compile USE_QTMULTIMEDIA option.

    CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY += multimedia

    The configure options were:

    ./configure -opensource -prefix $HOME/erootfs/qtopia.4.8.4 -embedded arm -xplatform qws/linux-arm-angstrom-g++ -little-endian -host-little-endian -no-neon -qtlibinfix E -phonon -v -force-pkg-config -multimedia -webkit

    The binary was linked with

    When running the browser demo, the QtMobility/mediaservice/ plugin is loaded, but the only videos which play are from HTML pages on local filesystem.

  • if you wont to have streaming video operating on ARM Embedded platform you should use a well supported codex like "XBMC Media Center for Linux .":
    What you will do is add a QGraphicsView to your view and assign XBMC media object. what you will be doing is making user space calls to init functions. the link should get you started in the right direction.

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