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How to compile Qt5 on MSVC 2012?

  • Ok, I normally use Linux and know almost nothing about the MSVC toolchain. Just downloaded the Express version for Windows 8 and am trying to get it going. Ran the configure command from the README and I'm getting an error that it can't find "shlobj.h"

    Also, it says it requires Python 2.7 or later. I have Python 3.3 - can I assume that is OK or does it need to be 2.x?

    An idiot-proof guide for getting this stuff running would be great! Better yet, a nice downloadable build for MSVC 2012. Thanks!

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    You can find dependency info and build instructions at
    (I'm not sure if Python 3.x works)

    You can also download MSVC 2010 for Windows 8 from Microsoft, and get a downloadable Qt build from

  • Hmm, I think I have all the dependencies listed there, assuming that the Windows SDK Kit comes with the MSVC compiler I downloaded, and assuming Python3 is OK. (It also mentions Ruby, but that doesn't seem to be a requirement from what I can tell.)

    I also need OpenSSL support and probably SQLite support - not sure how much pain that will add.

    Guess I should have just downloaded MSVC 2010, but I like using the latest compilers. :/

    Maybe it's easier to just stick with Linux and worry about this again when I have something that needs to be compiled in Windows. Maybe just cross compile from Linux (though I've never done that before either).

  • Yes, Python 3 works.

    The only pain is with the webkit, skip that and you are golden.

  • [quote author="utcenter" date="1357393686"]Yes, Python 3 works.

    The only pain is with the webkit, skip that and you are golden.[/quote]

    Are you referring to cross compiling from Linux or compiling under MSVC++?

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