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Qt/MeeGo/etc. repository

  • I've started a repository containing some Qt and MeeGo-related packages. Currently it's just Ubuntu; most of the packages are built for Maverick only, because most of them require Qt 4.7, and I'm not feeling ambitious enough to backport the Debian package for it to Lucid. :)

    At any rate, you can get to the repo with:
    @deb ubuntu/maverick main
    deb-src ubuntu/maverick main@

    Please be kind to my server, since it lives at home, and if someone has any good suggestions of somewhere off-site that I can put the packages, please let me know. They're built mostly just using the Debian rules already in the packages, modified to work properly for Ubuntu (and to allow me to host for multiple distros in the same repo tree).

    EDIT, 2011/01/07: You will will probably need to add the "Forum Nokia" PPA, now that I know it exists... you can run "add-apt-repository ppa:forumnokia/fn-ppa" to do that.

  • What exactly is in your packages? Qt and Meego related could mean anything :P.
    Is it dev tools? Showcase apps?

  • I thought debian repos where browsable, but when I try or, I get error 403.

  • I did not understand too. Are you planning to distribute showcase apps?

    FYI, dev-tools are already available on the "MeeGo repos": as described in this "wiki page":

  • Why not use the meego OBS? You can use it as a repository as well

  • Ack! Sorry, these are development packages.

    I do have an account on the MeeGo OBS, but... that produces RPMs to install on MeeGo. I wanted to build Debian packages to install on my Ubuntu system :)

    It absolutely should have been browseable, and I'm not yet sure why the heck it's not. I've got the proper options set in .htaccess, but the server doesn't appear to be even checking that file. I'm working on it now...

  • Fixed now, sorry 'bout that.

  • What are your "meego" related packages? Or better how they are related to meego?

  • Well, now that the thing's browseable, that should help answer the question. :)

    But presently, the contents are: ContextKit, Content Action, Context Provider, Qt Mobility, libmeegotouch, QMF, librest, MeeGo touch theme, and Qt Components (with more packages as I have time).

  • Nice work!

    You might want to talk to the Debian guys, they have some people working on packaging this all for inclusion in Debian (and Ubuntu presumably by means of their shared roots), so perhaps they could use some extra hands :)


    One thing you may want to double check is the licensing on the theme, I seem to recall talk in the past that the theme (like the trademark itself) aren't as permissively licensed for reuse and redistribution. I don't recall the outcome of that discussion.

  • Thanks! Although I have to admit, I haven't really done very much which would qualify as "help" - mostly all I did was take the existing Debian rules and munge them to build "~gcs0+lucid" and "~gcs0+maverick" builds. I did write the Debian stuff for Qt Components, though, so you're right, I really should send that up as an MR. :)

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