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Qt5's QTextEdit and accented characters in KDE

  • Hi all,

    I've ported a Qt4 project I've been working on to Qt5. Porting was easy with minor modifications. On OS X, everything works fine, if not better (faster). On Linux with latest KDE, however, I'm facing a problem that I hadn't seen for a long time: I can't enter accented characters on my QTextEdit widgets. As long as I can remember, Kopete and Scribus had this problem some time ago.

    Generally, Qt5 seems a little off-place in KDE right now and I suspect this is the issue. Besides the issue with the default widget style/native dialogs, other things are affected too, like mouse behavior - on my Qt5 app, single-clicking inside a dialog box activates the item instead of selecting it, as defined in KDE's system preferences.

    Are there any workarounds for this issue?


  • I have same problem in linux with Cinnamon Desktop. I think it's a general problem in linux and Qt5.

    You solved this?

  • Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the problem persists.

  • this is a BUG affects all languages with accents, Spanish, French, German, Catalan......

    According qt-bugs database will be solved in qt 5.0.1

    have to wait. :(

  • I see... Thank you for letting me know.

  • hi people,

    This issue don't was solved yet.
    I installed qt 5.0.1 x86_64 on Fedora 18 (portuguese Brazil) and
    I cannot accentuate the words.
    for example: QTextEdit: ã is showed ~a

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