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Windows Qt5 QWebview widget is missing

  • Hi,

    i've just installed Qt5 on Windows 7 ( qt-windows-opensource-5.0.0-msvc2010_32-x86-offline.exe).
    Unfortunately cannot find QWebview among Display widgets in qtcreator.

    I've found a few qtcreator bugreports but they are related to mac and linux.
    There's also qtcreator2.6.0 with qt4.8.4 installed on the same machine and they work fine, so i think there's something wrong with the Qt5 installer.
    The webkit and webkitwidgets modules are working, i can add a QWebView widget to the dialog in my code and it works fine...

    Anybody has a solution?

  • I have the same problem. you can check the designer plugin directory, you will find there're no plugins for QtWebkit, I think the designer-plugin for webkit is missing in this release version. however, examples using webview can be built successfully,

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    I just created about this issue.

  • QtActiveQt widget is also missing ,designer-plugin needed.

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