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QGLWidget does strange drawings

  • Hi everyone,

    i'd like to use OpenGL in a project. So, to get a starting point, i tried the 2DPainting example, playing a litte around. One of the first things i did, was switching antialiasing on and off, getting a strange effect. As you can see on the no-antialized picture, the circle-corners are some kind of, well, false-drawn.

    ! antialiasing)!

    When i turn on antialiasing, the circles don't have those weird corners, but aren't as round and smooth as in native mode.


    So now, i'm not sure, if i still should use opengl. Sure, i could (and probably would) turn on antialiasing, but i wonder, why the quality is worse compared to the native mode... Or did anyone have a suggestion if i forgot something. I had the idea, that maybe double-buffering could solve the problem!?


  • Sounds like a graphics driver issue. Do you have the most recent graphics driver for your system installed?

  • Yes i do... Updated just a week ago to the newest driver available.

    But good remark, i didn't tell my system configuration. I'm working on Win7 Prof., with an Geforce 8800GTS. Maybe it could be a problem with nvidia-cards, because i tested the program on my notebook, with Win7, equipped with a nvidia 9650M GT, and had the same problem. But i think, other people would have reported the same issue.

  • I don't have a system with a similar config. Perhaps someone else here has a similar system and can take a closer look at it for you. However, like you said, I think it would have been seen and reported by now. For the record, can you also report your Qt version?

  • Sure. I'm using Qt v. 4.7.1 for Windows (VS 2008). It would be nice, if someone could do this. :)
    Thanks in advance...

  • you can run benchmark and check how your driver/gpu card is doing with this free s/w "here":

  • Hi chetankjain,

    i did the benchmark, but everything seemed to be normal. the score was nearly the score of equal graphic cards. The only thing that differed from, was my gpu-temperature, which was a bit high (~90-100°C, while the others had a temperature around 70°C).

  • I tested it on several pcs (unfortunately all equipped with nvidia cards, so i could not compare results on ati) - all produced the same output. I reported it to the Qt bug tracker.
    For those who are interested:

  • yes I tried on 2 different systems, and can reproduce the issue... seems like a bug

  • bug or not bad programming technique

    BTW how antialiasing is done in this example?

  • hm, i don't think that this occures because of bad programming. I just used the 2D painting example that comes with Qt. I just added a few buttons to enable/disable antialiasing dynamically. Antialiasing is done by calling the QPainter::setRenderHint method with the arguments QPinter::Antialiasing and QPainter::HighQualityAntialiasing.

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