When you're debugging, do your vectors look like this?

  • !http://scopedin.com/images/debugger.jpg(debugger window)!

    If so, are you as dissatisfied with this display as I am? Why can't I see all the elements in my vector?

    If not, what did you do that made your display better than mine?

  • bump...am I the only one with this problem, or am I the only one bothered by it?

  • Looks like the normal debugger output without debugging helpers/python scripts.

    Which version of gdb do you have? Is it python enabled (if not: Did you build the debugging helpers)? Can you paste the debugger log somewhere, please?

  • Well, if I interpret this correctly there is nothing a debugger can do. The start of the pointers are represented by pointers. Typically you may know only the type of pointer (e.g. double *) and the start of the memory, but not how many of those elements are allocated.
    Vector elements are typically stored sequentially. So you have a sequence of doubles in memory. msvc allows you to display memory from a certain position in different modes in a memory window. You can see the memory start and set this manually for checks. However, it is more something for occasional use.

    Certainly I am bothered as well, but have accepted so far. Debugging with print statements was leading fast enough to a resolution in my cases.

    I wonder if there is already a better way with qt creator, but I have not been far enough there.

  • Hi, Tobias. I may need to apologize. I created this thread in haste, then yesterday realized the debugger helper wasn't built. (The helper was built for my older toolkit, and I'm still trying to fully understand the concept of kits.)

    It may be best to mark this resolved, though I still have a problem, noted here:

    "newer post":https://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/23592/

    This is running on a Mac, so no python debugger. I can still post the log if you like.

    Thanks for looking; if you have any input on the other issue, that would be greatly appreciated.

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