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Relatively slow project compilation in Qt

  • Qt SDK Version: 2010.05
    Qt Version: 4.7.0
    Qt Creator: 2.0.1

    Observations: I did a re-compile of Qt Libraries of Version 4.7.0, and did a Static Build, before this, the compilation were handling pretty smooth and was running & building quick enough just to say like in under 30-40 seconds. Be it a extremely small project (1 Form Only), Now the counter wise is happening, Meaning that the "extremely" small project is building now (after the re-compile) extremely SLOOOW, like to 3 Minutes to 5 Minutes EACH BUILD I make, doesn't matter if I add 1 new component to the form... for example I start a fresh project, Qt GUI Application fine, I hit Run, this is when it delays a lot, This process takes like to 3-5 minutes like I said... Now I add some new component into the form... be it a QTextBox or something else... and when I hit Run again... BOOM Anothe 3-5 Minutes...

    This is something insane!

    Has someone ever gotten into this problem?

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