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[SOLVED] Linker error with two QUuid in a QPair

  • Hi,

    I have the following method defined and declared:
    QList<QPair<QUuid, QUuid> > &GetIgnores();

    When I try to use it, I get a linker error (Microsoft Linker on Win7 with Qt 4.8.3) that this method is an unresolved external symbol. If I change one of the QUuid's it works fine and I can also create an instance of a list with two QUuid's without any problems.
    Probably this warning can give a hint: c:\qtsdk\qt4.8.3-64bit\include\qtcore../../src/corelib/plugin/quuid.h(68) : warning C4099: 'QUuid' : type name first seen using 'class' now seen using 'struct'


  • It seems that it was a Microsoft compiler problem. I added a typedef for the list and implemented the getter and setter directly in the header and now it is working.

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