How to control panning smoothness for QtMobility.location Map component?

  • I'm trying the "Simple map" examples found on "here": but I can't figure out how to change the smoothness of the map panning. I'm not sure how the panning is even implemented. I see a file called "kineticscroller.cpp" and inside there I see a variable called "kineticPanningResolution" which is set to 30. I've adjusted it to 0 but I don't really notice a difference.

    I've tried the lightmaps example found "here":, and the map panning is incredibly smooth. I'd like to see how smooth the Simple map examples can be.

    In the "Simple map 3" example, how is the panning established and how do I edit the smoothness or threshold of the panning? Can we make it as smooth as the lightmaps example?

  • Also, might the smoothness be a limitation of using QML? It can't be a hardware limitation because like I mentioned the lightmaps example is extremely smooth on my device.

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