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QProcess crashes

  • I'm trying to verify if the process is already running, if it's running closes and creates a new process.

    @QProcess *MyProcess;@

    @ if(MyProcess!= NULL)

    MyProcess = new QProcess(this);@

    My application crashes!

  • Just because the pointer "MyProcess" is not NULL, doesn't mean it's a valid pointer!

    It might be a dangling pointer, i.e. a pointer to an object that has already been deleted/destroyed.

    Any attempt to dereference a dangling pointer will result in undefined behavior (crash).

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    Besides the fact that you don't actually initialize MyProcess variable to NULL (maybe in your code you do) it's not the way to check if process is running. there is a method state() that returns current state of the process - not running, running or starting.

  • Even if the checking process status he continues crashing

    @ if(MyProcess->state() == QProcess::Running)


  • You still are dereferencing the "MyProcess" pointer. But is that pointer valid at all ???

    I mean: Do you assign the address of a QProcess object to that pointer before you try to dereference?

    Also, as said before, you also have problem if the object has already been deleted/destroyed...

    (If you get a crash on pointer access, it's almost always either a NULL pointer or a dangling pointer!)

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