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Most wanted new components

  • Hello,

    Qt Quick is nicely provided with a set of low level components (items, rectangle, image...) and high level components (listView...)
    Imho, a few basic components are still missing if thinking "code less, create more"

    It could be nice to start to collect the wish list for new useful and generic components.
    This can be considered as a contribution to the qt project : what are developers expecting from Qt to be provided

    I'll start the wish list:

    • TreeView
    • A container item interactively resizable (behavior) by corner grips (with a delegate to draw the grips)
    • classical curve/link defined by end points and type (straight, angle, arc...)

    To be completed, filtered, voted...

  • Hi,

    Some of these suggestions might not make sense in general, depending on the device form factor. As such, they probably belong in a separate import, rather than in the QtQuick module itself.

    Eg, perhaps they belong in -- certainly the TreeView is an oft-requested feature.


  • It is probably ok to keep the discussion of what people want separate from exactly where we deliver it. TreeView is obviously already known. (I do think people often request it for the wrong reasons though.)

    The Curve/Link think is a cool idea, though perhaps more as an addon than part of the language. The container item is more puzzling to me. Splitter seems to cover the main use cases of this. Sounds like an MDI subwindow resize handle but I don't really think this is generic enough to warrant its own component.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for the interesting links, especially "QtQuickOpenComponents":

    For the resizable container item, I was mainly thinking at the application field of viewers and editors where objects need to be selected, moved and resized. Ex.: Diagrams (UML, SYSML) or simulation editors (SCXML, simulink), Graphical editors (SVG, bitmaps), presentations (ppt), Graph visualization and mind mappers... Objects are closer to visual items than windows or widgets.
    But I agree, this might be to domain-specific. Just an Idea/proposal.


    p.s. This also makes me think to the "smartArt" components of powerpoint, made of one single data structure (tree) and many possible nice representations (each being a different qml file?). This could make at least a very nice demo for qml capabilities!

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