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Qt Phonon, Multimedia, Mobility doubts

  • I am beginner in the field of audio and video when it involves C + + (Qt), and unfortunately the internet does not help much in this regard.

    Like me, many beginners have questions, and I was wondering if you can not help answering at least one of these issues.
    Even if the other has already replied and you know the answer too, also responds, because each person has different knowledge.

    We can unite the knowledge to help many more.

    Simple questions:

    What is Qt Multimedia?

    What is Qt Mobility?

    Other questions:

    The current version of Qt Phonon support adding backends like VLC, GStreamer, Xine? Yes? Is there a way to implement?

    What better way to display music videos and in Qt?

    You can use libraries as FLVStreamer, FFMPEG together Phonon? Yes? Is there a way to implement?

    Who gives the most support for audio and video? Qt 4 or Qt 5?

    If you also have any questions, post it if, I know the answer will help too.

    Support also, share knowledge.

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