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QtSDK (Qt Creator 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4) static linking

  • Hello!

    Firstly, sorry for my bed english, i haven't use it for so long...

    i am writing an engineer thesis about software development. This is easy topic but not entirely. I want to write one chapter about Qt.
    The problem is configuration. I can't configure dynamic linking which is realy important in my thesis cause i have to show "what does it mean" for user. I found bilion tips how to do that but i get 2 bilion errors when i want to recompile sources. I am looking for the proven and working way to get what i want.

    Maybe the problem is my OS? I have win7 64bit, QtSDK based on Qt 32bit, Perl is also 64bit, mingw 4.8.0...
    i don't know what i do wrong.

    I was searching any help on polish websites but without any results.

  • welcome to devnet

    From your description it is not clear which version you want to build. For "Qt5 there is a wiki entry": explaining what to do.

    A common problem has been in the past that users try to build new versions of the libs by using the sources delivered with the SDK. As emphasized in different posts that is not a good idea. When you like to compile the complete library it is mandatory to download a fresh set of sources from the "download page": or the archives, but you shall NOT use the sources delivered with an SDK for a rebuild. You need to choose the zip versions.

    Building static libs is not a major problem. However, you cannot build webkit then. You need to exclude in the configuration process.

  • So, as i a can read i should download:
    Microsoft Visual Studio (2010 | 2012)->Qt 5.0.0 complete pack ->?

    Probably i'am an idiot but Qt is something new for me. I use BCB everyday but Qt is better (as you know). It's hard to writing a thesis about something which doesn't work.

  • You can download the MSVC2010 pre-compiled Qt libraries and use them. They come with new Qt creator version. However, you will need to install msvc 2010 compiler, if you have not done already. As far as I know it will not be compatible with msvc 2012. At least in the past different ms compiler were incompatible. I strongly recommend to make sure that the same versions are used.

    Precompiled Qt libraries are compiled for dynamic use (dlls). If you need static libraries as you indicate in the title of your post, you will have to compile them yourself. However, be aware of the different license terms for dynamic and static versions of Qt libs.

    This would be the link for "Qt 5 source files.": for use on windows. AFAIK there is only a minor but significant difference in the line endings.
    The compilation takes quite a bit time on slower computers.
    Good luck!

  • I have just noted that it might make also sense for you to post on devnet's "Polish forum.": I have seen some names there from very active Qt users.

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