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Help me compile a project!

  • Hello, this should have been straight forward as the project is made with QT.
    Compiling this project

    But I have tried everything I'm capable of, using QT versions ranging from 4.4 up to 5.0, msvc2008, 2010 and mingw
    I just cannot compile the source even after trying to fix the errors I just end up getting other ones.

    Can someone please help me here?

  • What errors?

  • The errors are different for QT <4.8 and those over >4.8, also different for different compilers.
    You have the source there so you can see for yourself, it includes a .pro file. takes just a min to open and test.

  • That sounds a bit like computer science exam to me. Does thou know thou shalt not let others do thy assignments? ;)

  • It has been written to Qt4 not Qt5, and an older version at that. The code assumes that the Qt includes pull in the OpenGL header <GL/glu.h> and the matching library, an assumption that is incorrect since IIRC Qt 4.7.3.

    So, to correct the problem, in each file reporting undefined glu* functions you need to include that header. There are at least 6 files to do this with. You also need to arrange linking to the GLU library by adding to the PRO file:

    win32: LIBS += -lglu32
    unix: LIBS += -lGLU

    Once you have that done you have a program that will compile if your system has a new enough OpenGL implementation. Works fine on my Linux box, not on my Windows virtual machine: the OpenGL is too old. YMMV if you have a newer Windows or third-party OpenGL impl.

  • Unfortunately, I had no success in compiling the project.
    But I wish to thank you for taking the time to test it out and giving me very helpful information!


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