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Problem of z-order of QDockWidget Window when using with QGLWidget in Qt 5.0

  • I uses Qt 5.0 with visual studio.
    I downloaded source code of Qt 5, and compiled with visual studio 2010.
    I have a problem of window visibility when using QDockWidget with QGLWidget
    I set QGLWidget as a central widget of main window and added QDockWidget to the main window.
    When I undock the QDockWidget, it lost it's title bar and frame, so I cannot move and resize the dock widget.
    (It works well if I don't use QGLWidget at central widget area)
    Moreover, It goes behind the main window like attached image.
    It appears with ANGLE(opengl es) and with desktop(opengl) build.
    How can I fix the problem?
    ! Visibility Error when it used with QGLWidget)!

  • The problem does not appear on qt 4.8.3

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